A pioneer local brand rooted in fair trade, Concalma, encompasses not just hand and tote bags, but an environmentally responsible philosophy consisting of supporting local industry and using available material resources, while building communities in the process. Established in 2006 in San Juan, Puerto Rico by designer Matilsha Marxuach Concalma products are manufactured at a woman’s co-op in the center of the island. True to its humanitarian values, Concalma has become an incubator for local brands and a springboard for local designers with sustainable practices.

In translation, Concalma means to approach everything with calm; to encompass everything with tranquility. Concalma products serve as tools to facilitate our physical flow from one place to another treading lightly on our planet.


Contact Designer:

Concalma The Store
Calle San Francisco # 207, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.