Norein and Michelle Otero make up the eccentric designing sister duo of Ecliptica that includes a Ready-To -Wear line, Atelier Ecliptica and Ecliptica Bridal. Their clothing line, Ecliptica has been a trend setting movement in Puerto Rico since 2001. They are known doe signature design elements such as draping, embroidery, fringes, macramé on flowing light silk fabrics that make each piece unique. Their silhouettes consist of plunging necklines and detailed pieces with much fluidity giving a statuesque goddess appeal.

Ecliptica clothing is out of this world, electric, eclectic and modern as the name it derives from. Ecliptica represents the apparent annual path of the sun on the celestial sphere and it is what dictates the changes of season.


Contact Designers:

601 Miramar Ave. Suite 2-A
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907