Localista a Design Store


We partnered with the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel to transform an unused space into a design store. Our vision for this project was to develop a Puerto Rico Diseña store inside the Vanderbilt Hotel to serve as a cultural interface with travelers, foster local economic development and create a value chain centered on design. Every aspect of the store was curated to showcase Puerto Rican design and creative entrepreneurship. Through the financial support of Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico we were able to engage Armada and Constructo to design the space and build our furniture working with local resources and an awesome team of EAP design students so that almost every aspect of the shop is designed and made locally.







A Big Thank You!


Puerto Rico Diseña #localista is possible thanks to the vision and generous support of the Executive Team at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. The design of the space by Constructo and Armada was possible thanks to the financial support of Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico. Thank you for believing in local talent and that it was possible to do this in four weeks!

The store was created by a team of people who are passionate about design.  Thank you Marilú Purcell for your guidance and believing it could be done. Melissa Ramos, Andrea Bauza for your support in curating the store. Thank you Javier Olmeda and Vladimir García for taking on this insane project timeline and delivering in such a beautiful way, this would have been impossible to achieve without your vision and dedication to the design community on the island.  To our NY city based team, Cristina Agostini, Auralis Herrero Lugo and Victor Hugo Colmenares thank you for keeping us focused on the goal and for your contributions to a successful launch. Raquel Perez Puig we can’t wait to see the awesome pictures of the space by a real photographer and not an iphone. To the 25 participating designers, it is your work which inspires us to do this in the first place, keep doing what you are doing.

before  after