Michelle is a marketing communication strategist with an MBA who also designs. She runs her own business building brands from the ground up where she practices both disciplines.
Andrea is an architect and designer and curator interested in the intersections between design, art, architecture and urbanism, their effect in society and vice-versa. She also teaches 4th year design studio at the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico.
Marilú is an independent curator, art historian and organizer of cultural events with a notable career in the arts. Most recently she served as the Director of the Visual Arts Program, for the National Gallery of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and directed the 2nd Trienal Poli/Gráfica of San Juan.
Melissa is an Art Historian with a focus on investigation, documentation and dissemination of information relevant to the history of art in Puerto Rico. When she is not curating cultural events she is teaching at the University of Puerto Rico.
Auralis is a fashion designer, entrepreneur and consultant on production management. She specializes in sustainable design, sourcing and manufacturing.
Cristina is a photographer, designer and local maker she founded her first company Pitipua Vintage at seventeen and has been a serial entrepreneur since. She is the founder and Creative Director for Tres Tristes, a collective of illustrators from Brooklyn, NY and San Juan, Puerto Rico where she leads design, branding and product development.
Javier is an artist, award winning designer and manufacturer with vast knowledge of digital design and fabrication processes through CNC/CAD/CAM technologies. He is the Founder and Design Director of Constructo specializing in advanced 3D modeling, parametric design, 3D animation and audiovisual post processing.
Vladimir Garcia is an award winning designer with a notable career and the founder and Director of Design at {A}rmada. He currently serves as the department Chair of the Industrial Design at the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico.