Rubberband, LLP is a transformation design studio that provokes change in the behavior of individuals and/or institutions through design by offering practical and socially responsible solutions  for complex problems combining local and globally sustainable strategies.

Since its founding in 2008 Rubberband, LLP has built a diverse portfolio of prestigious clients in Puerto Rico through its socially responsible design practice with projects that range from publications, infographics, exhibitions, web design (linked to social media ), and typography design, just to name a few.

Why are Rubberband’s services are special?

All of Rubberband’s projects start with research, in order to identify solutions with a design perspective. This means that Rubberband design solutions are contextualized or anchored to the realities of their clients’ company, team and users’ cultural context. Rubberband combines creativity with the rigor of rational thought and works together with designers of various disciplines and related practices, like psychology with a user mindset focus to deliver results.


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